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Job ID: 40606
Job Openings by Title Senior Actuary
Location British Columbia, Canada
Position: 	Senior Actuary

Job ID:		40606

-Conduct analyses to support growth and performance of insurance portfolio.
-Analyze rate adequacy, loss and premium trends.
-Develop solutions to enhance rating sophistication and insurance products.
-Manage risk through reinsurance program.
-Lead analytical work and produce insightful data visualizations.
-Develop predictive models suitable for projects.
-Check, test, and validate analytical models.
-Review and improve analytical methods.

-Lead rate indication analysis for various insurance products.
-Recommend changes to maintain performance of insurance portfolio.
-Ensure accurate back testing and reconciliation of rate indications.
-Develop pricing recommendations for new and existing products.
-Analyze loss development trends to support reserving.
-Monitor portfolio performance and demographics changes.
-Develop predictive models for optimum pricing structure.
-Manage implementation of pricing algorithms.
-Support development of reinsurance program.
-Work with external catastrophe and loss models for strategy and planning.
-Dashboarding, Reporting, and Automation
-Manage data sourcing, querying, cleaning, transformation.
-Manage relationships with external data vendors.
-Research and recommend new analytical tools and approaches.
-Present analysis results to stakeholders.
-Support recruitment of new employees.

-4-6 years’ Experience in an analytical role
-Understanding of dashboarding/visualization tools such as PowerBI, Tableau
-Understanding of other analytics tools, such as GIS software

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