Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 40539
Job Openings by Title Senior Director (hybrid)
Location Quebec, Canada
Position: 	Senior Director
Job ID:		40539

-Sustaining rate to ensure profitability, retention, and growth of the business 
-Develop and supervise the various actuarial studies required to establish the level of these rates
-Organize pricing committees, prepares recommendations regarding pricing policies, rate changes
-Submit applications for acceptance of rates and underwriting rules to regulatory authorities 
-Follow the evolution of the market and the movement of competitors
-Ensure that the rates to be implemented can be supported by the market and will meet the company's growth and profitability objectives
-Monitor the results obtained after their implementation in terms of sales, retention, and profitability
-Analyze the impact of various legal or other changes on the company's results
Evaluate the impact of changes in underwriting and claims settlement policies 
-Support and advise its resources as well as the leaders of the operational teams 
-Manage the entire approval process for non-authority files.
- Ensure compliance with service deadlines and the quality of interventions 
-Oversee the underwriting authority levels for underwriters to mid-management
-Lead the team responsible for the quality control process 
-Participate in the risk analysis and underwriting of large and complex accounts and makes recommendations for underwriting, acceptance, or refusal of risk
-Identify the difficulties in underwriting, interpreting, and applying standards that most frequently emerge during consultations or file approvals and recommends improvements
-Ensure compliance with operating budgets and policies and Collaborate in policy development and review
-Manage the preparation of objectives, plans, and budgets the department
-Direct and advise employees under their supervision in their daily activities and ensures the effective organization of the department's activities
-Take responsibility for motivating and empowering employees on their team

-Qualified Actuary
-Management experience
-10+ years of experience

.-->SALARY: 170-210k
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