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Job ID: 40471
Job Openings by Title ML engineer (remote)
Location United States
Position: 	ML Engineer

Job ID:		40471

-Serve as a bridge between data scientists and engineers to solve a variety of businesses problems using your extensive knowledge of data science, strong programming skills, and superb problem-solving abilities. 
- continue developing a framework of best practices, sharing knowledge, and innovating on various industry processes by utilizing the latest technologies to apply cutting-edge data science techniques.
-Serve as a key contributor on top-priority projects in the Americas 
- serve as a core contributor on global research projects such as OCR, NLP, AutoML, visualization, and templates
-Increase the interpretability of models through advanced understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning
-Drive the advancement of data analytics projects in close collaboration with different parties -
Lead strategic innovation initiatives for the Americas markets to transform processes 

- Skills in GLMS, Decision Trees, SVM, Random Forests, GBM, PCA, Bayesian Networks, Neural Networks, etc. 
- knowledge of data science programming languages such as Python (strongly preferred) or R 
And SQL databases 

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