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Job ID: 40465
Job Openings by Title Data Engineer (remote)
Location United States
Position: 	Data Engineer
Job ID:		40465

- Design and build the ingestion processes for several formats 
-Define an appropriate model for the right organization and relationship between data, optimized for fast and scalable queries.
-Develop and maintain the data maps and their relationships.
-Design, develop and maintain a sure APIs layer that allows the external access for reading and writing in the data repository.
-Implement scalable, flexible and high performance data pipelines to support analytics activities
-implement the processes for the adequate data enrichment and transformation.
-In collaboration with Data Governance profiles implement the quality rules and data governance 

-Database architectures
-Hadoop-based technologies (MapReduce, Hive…)
-Data modeling tools, ETL tools (e.g. Informatica Power Center)
-Computer code: Python, C/C++ Java, Perl…
-SQL technologies, NoSQL technologies.
-Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning: Understanding of algorithms to work with Data Scientists 
-UNIX, Linux, Solaris and MS Windows
-Multidimensional data modeling

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