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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 40432
Job Openings by Title Data Analyst
Location Canada
Position: 	Data Analyst
Job ID:		40432

-As a data analyst, you collect, process, analyze and use data that comes through different channels. You extract, describe, analyze and interpret the data needed to make informed business decisions.

-You lead and influence stakeholders in projects and initiatives to proactively meet cross-sector business needs through highly innovative analytical solutions and complex strategic data collection, processing and analysis interventions.

-You make recommendations on the planning and execution of highly operationally and conceptually complex projects and initiatives using your analytical skills and in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the line of business and the organization.

-Your initiatives require extensive, in-depth knowledge of your field.

-You serve as an expert advisor and subject matter expert, and as a resource person and coach for senior management and decision-making bodies. 
-You interact with many stakeholders working in a wide range of fields and advise decision-making committees on strategic directions and business positions.

-Proficiency in VBA, R, Python, SQL or similar

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