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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 40415
Job Openings by Title Senior Analyst, DS (remote)
Location Canada
Position:	Senior Analyst, DS 
Job ID:		40415

-work on impactful projects that range from predicting customer life-time values and optimizing customer journeys to incorporating novel data sources for building cutting-edge pricing and machine-learning algorithms. 
-You will work closely with data scientists to bring cutting-edge models to market. 
- harness the data from connected homes and cars to deliver new types of products to customers.
-As a senior analyst, you will be part of a dynamic team with exposure to different business stakeholders and direct influence on future products and innovative solutions. 
-You will work on the proposal of innovative machine-learning and statistical models for practical applications that impact millions of customers. 
-expands the scope of algorithms.

-2+ years of experience in general insurance industry including predictive modeling and working with large datasets. Experience in developing non-linear statistical model is preferred

-Have cross-functional skills that allow you to straddle the worlds of data scientist and actuaries and bring innovation to model acceptance processes, sound model monitoring practices and end-to-end automation

-Strong programming and problem solving skills to develop, test, validate, and maintain robust tools/models using supervised and or unsupervised techniques

-Work with pricing teams to combine creative modeling knowledge with sound business judgment in developing sophisticated models to support rate implementation

-Advance the department’s capabilities by creating and deploying long term tools to continually evolve the business

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