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Job ID: 40378
Job Openings by Title Senior Data Scientist (remote)
Location United States
Position:	Senior Data Scientist
Job ID:		40378

-Identify opportunities for data science / machine learning solutions in a business area and deliver value at scale without guidance.
-Be an expert in the domain of machine learning / data science and communicate chosen methodologies, analyses, and interpretation of model predictions to business stakeholders.
-Independently take up data science projects and deliver the same to the satisfaction of the end users without any guidance.
-Research through competing solutions to a problem, measure their pros and cons and decide on the optimal approach.
-Identify and extract data needed, assess and remediate for data quality issues, perform feature engineering and undertake other data preparation activities.
-Develop appropriate data science / machine learning models in close collaboration other team members and with product managers.
-Track model performance over a period of time and adjust models to ensure ongoing predictive value.
-Coordinates with technology partners to build and maintain systems necessary for the deployment of developed models and algorithms.
-Guide and review the work of other team members without formal supervisory responsibility.

-5+ years of experience in a Data Science role with hands on experience applying statistical and machine learning technologies
-Should be an expert in Python and its data science libraries like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, NumPy, MatPlotLib etc.
-Expertise in writing SQLs for data extraction, data manipulation and analysis.
-Ability to effectively communicate highly complex data science concepts in relatively simple terms to business stakeholders.
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