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Job ID: 40350
Job Openings by Title AVP Cat (remote)
Location United States
Position:	AVP, CAT
Job ID:		40350
-Analyze client exposure value data and assess fitness for use for catastrophe modeling
-Use commercial catastrophe modeling software to measure physical and economic loss from catastrophes 
-Interpret and explain model physical, financial, and economic outputs to colleagues/brokers/clients/prospects/reinsurers 
-Present modeled output in various forms to colleagues/brokers/clients/prospects/reinsurers
-Work closely with all stake holders on all aspects of the reinsurance financial placement process
-Work with broking teams in a prospecting capacity to develop meaningful content targeting the needs   of our reinsurance clients
-Participate in creative problem solving of complex issues that face our clients and prospective clients
-Identify opportunities and potential solutions for increased efficiency within the analyst workflow 
-Skills in MS Excel, SQL Server and detailed commercial catastrophe models (RMS/AIR/EQE). Proven use of the model(s) is required.
-Experience in using GIS Software
-Ability to understand economic business context and regulatory context of catastrophe modeling
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