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Job ID: 39944
Job Openings by Title Lead of the Catastrophe Risk Modeling (remote)
Location United States
Position:	  	Lead of the Catastrophe Risk Modeling
Job ID:		39944
-Develop state-of-the-art modeling methodology in areas related to catastrophic cyber risk loss scenarios.
-Develop mathematical models for DeRISK component related to cyber catastrophes.
Centralizes responsibility of analytics solutions the catastrophe scenario building and modeling.
-Assess, test, and continuously refine loss scenario models.
-Discover and clearly define loss scenario model limitations.
-Work with other development areas to guarantee work-product delivery in-line with the rest of the DeRISK modeling teams.
-Develop specific solutions together with a multi-disciplinary team of subject domain experts, project managers, engineers, data scientists and service manage.
-Interpret complex sets of insurance exposure data across multiple accounts, and pro-actively recommend new data sources and data enrichment. 
-Continuously improve the quantity and quality of data captured for modeling.
-Be the main analytics point of contact 
-Develop knowledge in certain areas of catastrophe risk management services through research or experience to advance professionally and gain recognition as an expert in the industry.
-Lead in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
-Assist with corporate reporting on catastrophe modeling.
-Approximately 10+ years professional experience in the field of insurance and/or reinsurance.
-Minimum of 2 years of cat modeling algorithms, data cleanup and validation analysis.
-Working knowledge of Excel required. Working knowledge of SQL, R, or other database statistical software preferred.
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