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Job ID: 39813
Job Openings by Title Reinsurance Actuary
Location New York, United States
Position:	 Reinsurance Actuary
Job ID:		39813

-Own the 3rd Party best estimate reserving analysis
-recommend and review the reserving process,
-perform analysis of 3rd Party including monitoring KPIs/KRIs and performing validations of assumptions/selections,
-review the reasonableness of reserves and recommend to the level of reserves booked reserves to consider, and
-Be an active member of the Capital Working Group and reviewing and challenging risk metrics
-Reviewing forecast/actual plan risk metrics
-responsible for identifying skill gaps and developing training materials to develop associates skills for future business needs.

-Advises on strategic data mining techniques used to identify new relationships in data. Makes recommendations on data and software packages that help drive strategic vision of P&C actuarial and business success.  

-Consults and provides expert advice on new or enhanced product development opportunities, including discussions on data needed for analysis, coding implications and opinions of the viability and profitability of proposals.
-8 Years of experience
-Assumed reinsurance reserving experience.
-Commercial insurance reserving experience.
-Applicable proficiency with data modeling and manipulation tools.
-Ability to work with both large data sets and instances of incomplete/inconsistent data.- 

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