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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 39738
Job Openings by Title Actuary / data scientist
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Actuary / data scientist

Job ID:		39738


- Support and where possible, build rate and class plans for various lines of business where data is available or provided.
- Prepare, coordinate and analyze customer data set and deliverables. Create customer presentations, produce validation results and other documentation.
- Perform trending analysis to identify relationships, areas of improvement and further refinement.
- Review the data and techniques applied to ensure its integrity, identify new methods and improved results.
- Produce reports, models and solutions based on business objectives and strategic requirements.
- Aide in the setup, process improvement and maturing of an analytics practice with in the organization.
- Work with stakeholders on strategic research and development of the company product lines.
- Provide summary reporting to sales team and management on his/her ongoing work, analysis and projects.
- Meet deadlines for customer validations and go/no-go decision presentations.
- Meet customer project deadlines for rate building, analysis, related models and recommendations.
- Meeting and exceeding expectations of clients, Strategic Partners and internal staff.


- Strong analytical and problem solving skills with the capability to look for solutions outside existing boundaries.
- Adept at statistical analysis, trending and very detail oriented.
- Highly proficient in some of the following: MS Access, Excel, Access, SQL, R, SAS with a strong understanding of computer systems.
- Familiarity with data mining techniques, ETL practice and solutions within a Data Warehouse environment.
- Confident in creating advanced spreadsheets, databases and comprehension.

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