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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 39732
Job Openings by Title Consultant
Location Singapore
Position:	Consultant
Job ID:		39732

-Lead/Assist in the implementation of the actuarial code provided with Prophet’s liability libraries and the Asset Liability Strategy (ALS) Library.
-Perform model reviews and deliver optimization reports based on customer models
-Design, structure and develop code during customer projects as required.
-Provide customer training to customers across the range of available Prophet training courses
-Lead/Assist in the configuration of actuarial enterprise software such as Prophet Enterprise and Assumptions Manager.
-Assist in the presales support of Prophet where required

-Experience working for an insurer or consultancy with a background in life business and making good progress with actuarial examinations.
-Strong interest in modelling using actuarial systems, and a strong working knowledge of using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
-Good knowledge of the Prophet actuarial system or demonstrable equivalent experience with another actuarial calculation projection system.
-Good working knowledge of the various Prophet components (including the Data Conversion System and Excel Reporting) for both deterministic and stochastic modelling.
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