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Job ID: 39483
Job Openings by Title Data Scientist - Senior Officer
Location Bermuda
Position:	Senior Officer

Company:	Other

Location:	Bermuda

Job ID:		39483


-Translate business needs into requirements suitable for framing Machine Learning (ML) solutions 
-Create ML Models to uncover hidden and complex patterns, make predictions about future events and transform raw data into actionable insights. 
-Research, propose and prototype ML models to demonstrate and provide business value to solve specific business problems
-Develop cutting edge text mining, text analytics and NLP Machine Learning Models 
-Develop assessment and monitoring procedures for ML models.
-Design and perform meaningful Exploratory Data Analysis over different data sets 
-Design, develop, implement, and deploy ML Pipelines to deploy scalable ML solutions that are sustainable in an enterprise environment.
-Design, development and implementation ML Model experiments using a scientific approach to configure, organize, log and reproduce experiments.
-Operationalization of ML Models for automating and productizing the solutions.
-Present information and insights using advanced and effective data visualization techniques 

-5-10+ years of cumulative work experience with 5+ years of data science experience, developing machine learning models, including deep learning models
-Relevant certifications in data engineering, data science and data analytics are a plus
-Leadership skills required to develop strategic data science initiatives, project development and management.
-Expert Knowledge of Python Stack for Data Science and Advanced Data Analytics proficiency (Python 3 standard Library, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Sckit-Learn) or equivalent tools in other languages (R, Spark, Scala, Julia)
-Expert Knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms, including Deep Learning
-Working Knowledge of TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
-Expert Knowledge of SQL Language 
-Expert Knowledge of Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra
-Expert Knowledge of deployment of Machine Learning implementations in an enterprise setting
-Working/Expert Knowledge of Text Analytics, NLP, IDP for modelling and processing from the creation of the dataset to the final model in production
-Hands-on experience in Enterprise Level Operationalization of Machine Learning Models
-Expert knowledge of data pre-processing and manipulation skills, as well as feature engineering
-Working knowledge in multiple tools/language/frameworks within the Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Hive, MongoDB, Neo4j, Hbase, Cassandra) is desirable 
-Working knowledge of parallel computation and other High Performance Computing techniques
-Working knowledge of Cloud Platforms (e.g. Azure / IBM / Google / AWS) and ability to use them for developing, training and testing deep learning models
-Working knowledge of full end to end software development life cycle and agile development methodologies
-Experience of working with teams operating in an Agile environment
-Strong software engineering background and understanding of the principles of data strategy and architecture
-Strong working knowledge with distributed version-control system practices such as Git and GitHub
-Expert Knowledge of Data Storytelling and Data Visualization 
-Analytical and Critical thinking
-Inquisitiveness to look beyond and discover patterns and solutions within the data.
-Strong Interpersonal and communication skills
-Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handling multiple priorities

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