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Job ID: 39400
Job Openings by Title Research & Innovation Analyst II
Location Ontario, Canada
Position: Research & Innovation Analyst II

Company: Insurance				
Location: Ontario
Job ID: 39400
-Contribute to joint initiatives in all companies within the group of companies on BI issues.
-Identify personal development goals and create plan by which to achieve goals.
-Be the guardian and promoter of the "one version of the truth" principle. 
Understand insurance metrics, insurance databases and insurance concept 
-Provide coaching and support.
-Understand insurance products, the market place and the insurance environment.
-Autonomous, independently complete projects and tasks of medium complexity and size.
-Develop and deliver presentation related to his field of expertise to a technical audience.
-Analyze and understand the various data sources.
-Understand our business processes and make the connection with the data coming of the operational systems of the company.
-Extract data as required for project analysis or analysis of our book of business using BI tools or programming language (SQL, SAS, MicroStrategy).
-Do the appropriate validations to ensure the produced data extract is accurate, complete and reconciles.
-Analyze data and find complex insights
-Use judgment in determining reasonableness of results
-Understand, develop, maintain and improve predictive statistical models used in BI.
-Measure and document the performance of statistical models used in BI.
-Recommend the appropriate type of model to be used for a BI problem between a variety of common models.
-Support Actuarial Research projects, including developing and testing non-standard and innovative approaches for modeling insurance risk.
-Support Non-Actuarial Research projects, including delivering predictive analytics solutions to support marketing, operations, and product. 
-Using a scientific approach, research and develop solutions to new analytical problems.
-Use the latest technologies and techniques such as geo-spatial analytics (GIS), text mining, big data, etc.

-4 years of relevant experience OR 2 years with a graduate degree in a relevant field.
-University Degree in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics or relevant field.
-Property and Casualty insurance experience is preferred.
-Ability to communicate clearly using all mediums within Business Intelligence. 
-Exposure to the use of job related applications, appliances and programming languages (SAS, SQL, Netezza, MicroStrategy) is an asset
-Bilingual-ability to communicate in both French and English is an asset
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