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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 38615
Job Openings by Title Director
Location Quebec, Canada
Position:  Director
Company: Insurance
Location: Quebec
Job ID: 38615
-Develop, implement and track the unit's action plan, ensuring alignment with the organization's strategic orientations and other administrative units, in a performance management context.
-Apply management and communication practices encouraging change management, skills development, mobilization, talent retention and diversity, consistent with the organization's values.
-Manage and use resources and processes efficiently and effectively, with a focus on results, service quality and clients.
-Analyze, develop and recommend solutions combining profitability, growth and efficiency in response to opportunities and problems linked to marketing, business lines and the Caisse insurance initiative.
-Measure and analyze results obtained after corporate initiatives have been implemented to target marketing, business lines and the Caisse insurance initiative.
-Provide actuarial support and business expertise to various sectors of the organization, specifically to marketing, business lines and the Caisse insurance initiative, to resolve problems and analyze insurance opportunities or to produce and analyze metrics to maximize targeted business results.
-In keeping with your level of responsibility, help set priorities and business strategies at the executive division level.
-Demonstrate tact in dealing with others, adapt your approach based on the stakeholders involved, and support teamwork and cohesion between teams.
-Be results-driven and action-oriented, demonstrating a determined and efficient approach.
-Take charge of situations that fall under your responsibility and make decisions by carefully assessing risks and priorities.
-Have in-depth knowledge of your own field, including best practices and standard practices within your business sector.
-Integrate profitability, growth and efficiency concerns into the development of business solutions and all its initiatives with other sectors of the organization.
-Work in alignment with Offer Management and the business lines, as well as the Caisse insurance initiative to develop the organization's business orientations and strategies.
-Coordinate with the organization's business goals, corporate values, processes, and competitive and legal environment to develop business solutions.
-Coordinate with the Modelling, Research and Pricing sectors to consider, influence and promote risk segmentation strategies when developing business solutions

-Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science or in a related field
-A minimum of 9 years of relevant experience, including 4 years in management
-Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (major asset)
-For vacant positions available in Quebec, please note that knowledge of French is required
-Proficient speaker, complete proficiency in English
-Action oriented
-Customer Focus
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