Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 38527
Job Openings by Title Senior Actuarial Analyst
Location Quebec, Canada
Position:	Senior Actuarial Analyst

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Quebec

Job ID:		38527


- Review analysis of others for reasonableness, completeness and accuracy.
- Train/coach other actuarial staff on actuarial methods and actively share expertise with peer.
- Understanding of current industry and professional standards/environment which impact decisions and indicate requirements.
- Committed to professional development and continuous learning.
- Research, extract, and manipulate complex data from all relevant sources.
- Identify relationships, problems/issues, and assess data quality.
- Perform analysis/reviews as assigned.
- Incorporate, understand and transfer knowledge of current methods, while ensuring completeness and accuracy.
- Create and validate models to answer business questions as assigned.
- Prepare recommendations based on data summaries, trend analysis, financial analysis and business analysis.
- Evaluate procedures and processes and recommend alternatives or improvements.
- Evaluate existing processes to find areas for increased efficiency.
- Identify opportunities for automation of routine tasks.
- Develop creative new approaches to problem solving and assess impacts of solution options.
- Track the status of project timelines, tasks, and various activities.
- Develop effective plans that define activities, resources, and timelines.
- Construct and provide progress updates and reports regarding department objectives and tasks.
- Develop and deliver presentations to the actuarial group and other departments.
- Interpret government regulations and internal policies.
- Identify the business requirements for a given task and initiate action as required.
- Understanding the insurance mechanism in general, as well as how it works at the company.
- Understanding of both industry and company terminology.
- Perform other duties as assigned/requested by the manager/director.


- Undergraduate university degree in Actuarial Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematics or other related field of study.
- Pursuing FCAS and have Credit for the following from the CAS Syllabus of Education: Preliminary Actuarial Exams & VEE Credits, Online Courses 1 and 2, Minimum of three Associateship/Fellowship Exams.
- Minimum of 4 years’ prior work experience in insurance or related field.
- High level of proficiency with relevant modeling software such as Emblem, Classifier or Radar.
- Superior ability to apply knowledge of actuarial science, mathematics, probability, statistics, principles of finance and business to problems in insurance.
- Ability to translate problem solving methods and ideas to various computer languages efficiently and effectively.
- Robust knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.
- Understanding of database systems and how to interpret/extract data from those systems.
- Able to adapt to new enterprise system environments.
- Superior written and verbal communication skills with ability to communicate at the right level of complexity for the audience.
- High level ability to handle multiple concurrent assignments in a timely manner.
- Adapt to change effectively and perform under pressure with focus on client services.
- Ability to understand the context of an issue and its impact on all areas of the organization.
- Works efficiently and cooperatively in a team environment and Involve others when appropriate.
- Ask effective questions to elicit detailed and relevant information.

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