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Job ID: 38229
Job Openings by Title Chief Pricing Actuary
Location Singapore
Position:	Chief Pricing Actuary

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Singapore

Job ID:		38229


- To implement in full the Company Way of Pricing, and in particular develop and maintain Model Prices for all lines of business. 
- To provide recommendations on pricing of each of company’s products to provide the required return on equity and input to pricing tools as appropriate. This includes overall average prices, pricing structure, parameter values and methodology. Full and detailed pricing investigations are to be carried out for each major product at least annually. 
- Undertake review of Group Cat modelling and provide Cat planning support. 
- Provide advice to company’s managers on the pricing of complex policies or schemes and what data is required before an assessment can be made. 
- To establish the regular distribution of detailed monitoring of each product on claims experience and policies.
-  Analysis and monitoring of key performance indicators and value drivers including rate change.
- Provide advice on the interpretation of the monitoring and information to portfolio managers, claims managers, finance managers and other managers. 
- Provide advice to portfolio managers on budgets, forecasts of results and business planning including models, data and information to assist with the setting of budget assumptions and targets. 
- Provide technical and financial analysis support to in quantifying total exposures for reinsurance purchase and advise on pricing reinsurance cover options. 
- Identify poor data quality and bring to it to the attention of CUO’s, Underwriters and Claim managers.  
- Recommend additional data items to be collected on company’s computer systems and edits on computer systems to improve the quality of the data. 
- Assist in the provision of appropriate data for cat modelling. 
- Provide leadership to staff, coaching and development for Underwriting team. 
- Provide leadership in the communication with other departments in the organization including portfolio management, claims and finance.


- FIAA or equivalent.
- At least 5 years and preferably more than 10 years’ experience practicing as a major corporate general insurance actuary with extensive experience in pricing across many different insurance classes.
- Understanding of the appropriate actuarial and statistical models and techniques.
- Broad and detailed understanding of GI products.
- Detailed knowledge of pricing methodologies and techniques.
- Understanding of industry environment in general insurance including regulation, legislative changes and competitive landscape.
- Extremely high analytical skills in statistical techniques, actuarial techniques and financial analysis.
- Excellent computer technical skills with proficiency with a number of standard packages or familiarity with them and their application including excel/lotus, work, SAS and other statistical packages.
- Strong critical thinking abilities.

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