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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 38131
Job Openings by Title Senior Vice President
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Senior Vice President

Company:	Reinsurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		38131


- In partnership with the respective regional actuarial pricing leads, identify the key priorities to be addressed to develop policies and ideas that improve company’s competitiveness, profitability, and position with clients.
- Provide leadership to the global pricing community and create a forum for sharing knowledge and information around pricing assumptions, techniques and approaches - foster a learning environment.
- Provide insourcing services to local teams as may be needed.
- Ensure appropriate research projects are in place to help identify trends that may affect reinsurance and/or biometric pricing assumptions and techniques given the changing market environment.
- Liaise with other global functional leaders as need be to work on overlapping initiatives.
- Be aware of key new offerings being developed/marketed by Business Units to leverage global actuarial intellectual capital and resources to build innovative solutions and improve need to market.
- Provide technical support to related client initiatives.
- Working with regional actuarial teams update plans in developing company’s brand globally.
- Develop a network with clients’ head of actuarial pricing supporting the Global Accounts and/or Key Clients initiatives.
- Leverage global knowledge and talent to support company’s Global CRO and Internal Audit in defining corporate policies and ensure compliance.
- Sit on internal committees and/or working groups as assigned.
- Proactively contribute to defining company’s global, regional and local business development strategies.
- Provide holistic Management reports to respective stakeholders.
- Update our tools and capabilities in completing experience studies in setting our base assumptions for a market or a specific RFP or in forecasting our inforce.
- Roll out and help implement such experience study practices to various locals as appropriate.
- Leverage the team to focus on priority experience study projects as directed by the Businesses.
- Work with industry groups as appropriate to complete studies for our own know-how and o help company’s Brand.
- As a value-added service or for fees provide such tools and expertise to our clients.
- Provide effective desk top research to our functions and businesses in support of thought leadership and business development as requested and/or regular content reporting.
- Develop company’s internal network of similar R&D teams to ensure we are focusing on priorities, remove duplication and work as an integrated team supporting the various internal stakeholders.
- Identify the retrocession needs of local business and work to line up the capacity needed at the best rates.
- Be primary point of contact for the retros.
- Work with other internal functions e.g. fac u/w and retro admin to manage relations with retros.
- Provide management reports and analysis as requested.
- Coordinate a global working group of all company’ leaders who seek retro support to ensure our overall retro needs are being met in an effective and coordinated method.


- Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Statistics or related field.
- FSA accreditation.
- 15+ years of actuarial experience in life, annuity and/or health insurance.
- 15+ years of actuarial experience in pricing, financial reporting, or risk management related to life and/or annuity products.
- Prior experience leading matrix function.
- Strong ability to lead and work well within and across teams with members spread across multiple geographies, particularly gaining cooperation from those members outside the direct chain of command, across a wide variety of operational, functional, and technical disciplines.
- Self-starter and self-motivated team player with entrepreneurial spirit, able to adapt to the unique and intricate parameters of new situations.
- Expert ability to analyze and improve otherwise complex business processes.
- Technical aptitude and ability to quickly understand and synthesize information.
- Able to manage multiple competing priorities and client requests simultaneously.
- Strong oral and written communication and presentation skills, demonstrating the ability to convey business terminology that is meaningful and well received by all stakeholders.
- Expertise in translating business needs and problems into viable and accepted solutions.
- Highly advanced ability to identify and implement operational structures to control and manage the acceptance of risk.
- Expert level of people management skills, demonstrating the ability to lead, mentor, and develop associates, including the ability to delegate key areas of responsibility.
- Expert level of investigative, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
- Expert oral and written communication skills, demonstrating the ability to convey business terminology that is meaningful and well received.
- Expert ability to translate business needs and problems into viable/accepted solutions.
- Expert level of skills in customer relationship management and change management.
- Expert ability to implement organizational, divisional, and/or departmental vision and goals that result in achievement.
- Expert ability to manage multiple projects and/or teams simultaneously.
- Expert ability to liaise with individuals across a wide variety of operational, functional, and technical disciplines.
- Expert ability to make timely and effective decisions.
- Expert persuasion and negotiation skills when working with internal/external customers to resolve issues/problems.

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