Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 38116
Job Openings by Title Actuarial Analyst
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:      	 Actuarial Analyst 

Company:    	 Insurance

Location:    	 Ontario

Job ID:	    	 38116


- Work with Pricing and Corporate Actuarial colleagues to understand modelling requirements.
- Create spreadsheets and AXIS coding to model new business and/or product changes.
- Improve existing models for accuracy and efficiency.
- Understand how changes to the model affect CALM and LICAT results.
- Quantify the impacts of modelling changes in terms of reserve and capital.
- Work with technology and data teams to produce accurate data extracts for valuation.
- Manage the flow of data from source extract to AXIS valuation input.
- Create tools to efficiently modify and analyze data.
- Understand the data systems we use and their limitations so that proper controls can be established.
- Ensure proper documentation exists for data processes.


- Bachelor's degree in actuarial science, or other quantitative area of study.
- Working towards Associateship with the Society of Actuaries and Canadian Institute of Actuaries.
- Minimum 1 year of Life & Health Insurance actuarial experience.
- Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing. French is an asset.
- Proficient with technical language and concepts.
- Able to communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience.
- Has strong problem-solving skills.
- Is thorough and can produce high quality work.
- Practical experience with Moody's AXIS software and Excel.
- Experience with databases is an asset.
- Projects a professional image and acts accordingly.
- Has effective and developed organizational ability.
- Ability to work independently and manage both short and long term deadlines.
- Ability to work effectively during periods of stress.
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