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Job ID: 37855
Job Openings by Title Specialist, Data Analysis
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Specialist, Data Analysis

Company:	Other

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		37855


- Applies data expertise and business knowledge to compile qualitative and quantitative data.
- Helps internal stakeholders use data and interpret data results.
- Monitors operating environment to ensure models and analytics properly reflect current market dynamics.
- Conducts assigned portions of research studies and projects valid data.
- Conducts data mining and data analyses using a variety of tools. Monitors updates and integrity of data and databases.
- Undertakes routine review and analysis on a variety of topics and issues; compiles information; undertakes cost-benefit, trend and financial analyses and strategies to be input into data systems.
- Provides support to teams in order to optimize data use.
- Provides production support and operations.
- Support research and development initiatives.
- Participates in the development of policies, guidelines and internal protocols regarding data and analytics.
- Maintains relationships with internal partners to ensure data required to develop, validate and implement models using state-of-the-art methods and technology.

- Undergraduate degree from a recognized university in Statistics, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Quantitative Finance. Master’s degree will be considered as an asset.
- Minimum of five years’ experience data analysis or processing.
- Good understanding of data formats/structures and tools in order to extract data and perform analysis.
- Good understanding of Canada's financial sector and real estate markets.
- Ability to work in a sophisticated technological environment.
- Demonstrated ability to conduct rigorous analysis using critical thinking and judgment to resolve complex issues. 
- Creative analytical ability.
- Good writing and presentation skills.
- Good project management skills.

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