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Job ID: 37802
Job Openings by Title Senior Analyst
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Senior Analyst

Company:	Consulting

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		37802


- Create insurance liability models, focusing on reserve and capital calculations for US and Canadian companies based on appropriate regulatory standards, such as IFR17 and USGAAP.
- Develop IFRS17 library based on International Accounting Standards Board guidance.
- Create and maintain financial statement projection models under IFRS17.
- Create and maintain financial asset models for use in balance sheet projections of financial services companies.
- Develop and maintain Economic Scenario Generators used in the valuation of financial assets and insurance liabilities.
- Further the development of robust processes for hedging, strategic asset allocation, scenario generator calibration, insurance company financial reporting, etc.
- Participate in the expansion of company functionality as the need arises or as requested by clients.
- Support the development of models and processes for companies.
- Provide hands-on training for users.
- Develop standalone training reference materials for users.
- Identify shortfalls in company processes and propose improvements.
- Troubleshoot issues as they arise during migrations, focusing on providing a strong initial user experience.
- Participate in demonstrations to potential clients.
- Develop models specific to client requirements.
- Participate in industry, academic and internal research projects.
- Develop and deliver presentations on emerging issues pertaining to the insurance industry and the financial services industry.
- Attend industry and client conferences.


- Must be an Actuary.
- Familiar with IFRS17.
- Python/R/Matlab Scripting programming experience.
- University degree in a quantitative or related discipline is required.
- Python/R/Matlab Scripting programming experience is required.
- Comfortable with local economic scenarios generators.
- Familiar with stochastic-on-stochastic simulations for Life Insurance products with embedded financial guarantees.
- Familiar with IFRS17 standards.
- FSA/ASA designation or equivalent.
- Experience working in insurance industry in a pricing/hedging/valuation role.
- Experience working in P&C insurance industry a plus.
- Experience working with financial guarantees embedded in life insurance products a plus.
- Derivatives knowledge a plus.
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