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Job ID: 37447
Job Openings by Title Data Scientist
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Data Scientist

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		37447


- You will work on impactful projects that range from predicting customer life-time values and optimizing customer journeys to incorporating novel data sources for building cutting-edge pricing algorithms. 
- You will leverage machine-learning algorithms to automate and predict claim outcomes and find new and innovative ways to impact our customers. 
- You will propose machine-learning and statistical models for practical applications that impacts millions of customers. 
- You will mentor and guide your peers in novel approaches and provide peer review for their work.
- Provide data support to Claims business inclusive of data mining, automated reporting and modelling.
- Transformation of complex data sets into meaningful conclusions & recommendations.
- Develop innovative solutions for pattern recognition using machine learning and statistical approaches.
- Maintenance of expanding set of data mining tools, frameworks & approaches.
- Communicate actionable recommendations based on insights/model results.
- Driving co-ordination/delivery accountability of project and BAU delivery based on timelines & direction.
- Driving conformance/Alignment to IT/Enterprise Architecture standards.


- An educational background in computer-science or engineering, math, statistics, physics or related field. A minimum of MSc is required and PhD preferred.
- 5+ years of experience with model development and working with large datasets. This can include experience from any industry or academia.
- 5+ programming experience in Python or R with good grasp of software engineering standard methodologies such as code-reusability, modularity, use of repos, etc.
- Python/R /Dataiku.
- REST/XML/JSON/API ingestion.
- Spark/Impala/Hive.
- Expertise in machine learning theory and predictive modelling lifecycle.
- API configuration.
- Conformance/Alignment to IT/Enterprise Architecture standards.
- Relevant experience in P&C.
- Shiny App development.

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