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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 37104
Job Openings by Title Director
Location Manitoba, Canada
Position:	Director, Customer Insights, Pricing and Actuarial

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Manitoba

Job ID:		37104


- Developing and delivering regular and ad hoc reporting and analytics for plan sponsors and plan sponsor stakeholders, advisors/consultants, including dedicated account experience studies for select clients.
- Developing and delivering data and analytics solutions for plan sponsors.
- Development of Group Retirement Services reporting and analytic capabilities.
- Support Requests for Proposals for customer claims experience reporting and analytic capabilities.
- Enabling internal stakeholders.
- Responsible for dedicated account studies/presentations, including identifying and explaining customer-specific claims trends and anomalies and providing customer-specific predictions of future claims patterns.
- Expand capabilities to incorporate Group Retirement Services Client and Field Reporting.
- Develop, deliver and maintain self-service data, reporting and analytic capabilities to the field/customers.
- Support experience & claims reporting questions from customers, including working with IS on E&C small enhancements or critical maintenance issues.
- Support enhancements and future development of GNPA experience & claims reporting.
- Identify areas of opportunity to reduce low-value added activities to increase efficiency and free up capacity.
- Develop and enhance industry trends and experience studies for all Healthcare, Drug, Dental, Vision and Disability benefits that are used by the field, advisors and clients to understand benefit costs.
- Keep abreast of emerging trends in business analytics, and assess potential impact to servicing evolving client needs.
- Provide analytic and data support / research for marketing publications.
- Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the company group benefits claims trends, general Canadian group benefits claims trends, regulatory regime, competitive dynamics, best practices, technology changes and economic conditions.
- Fulfill business leadership responsibilities on high priority projects that span across Group Customer functions.
- Attract and retain talent in building high-performing team.
- Provide direction, training, mentoring, monitor work progress and review results.
- Foster an innovative environment.
- Share pricing best practices.
- Share market trends and insights across businesses.
- Enhance client reporting.
- Align on research and analytics that would best support Pricing teams.
- Coordinate on data analytics and reporting needs.
- Collaborate on research and analytics needs for marketing publications.
- Provide input for messaging around benefit costs.
- Align on design of client and field reports and type of information sought.
- Collaborate on data requirements and analytics tools development needed to support Customer Insights
- Coordinate reporting needs with claims initiatives.


- FCIA Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries or high level statistics/analytics degree.
- 6-10 years’ relevant experience.
- Understands the business environment and customer needs, identifies business opportunities that create competitive advantage.
- Fosters an environment that encourages new approaches, challenges the status quo and inspires creativity and risk-taking while protecting the core.
- Innovative and visionary thinking; willingness to bring new concepts or approaches to market.
- Attracts, motivates and develops talent to build the right team to meet strategic direction and tomorrow’s needs.
- Using credibility and trusted advice, able to foster collaborative relationships across functions and the business and facilitate cooperation; is highly skilled in networking inside and outside of the company.
- Ability to develop and maintain relationships with industry and government leaders; able to influence industry or regulatory trends.
- Drives results and contributes to change processes that improve organizational performance and creates a culture of accountability.
- Possesses a continuous improvement orientation.
- Inspires a vision that adapts to new realities, articulating meaningful expectations, and creating clear pathways to desired outcomes.
- Leadership and People management skills to help others navigate through change, engage and motivate employees.
- Understanding of employee benefits, creditor and individual health markets and its dynamics; aware of and anticipates key trends.
- Strategic mindset; understanding of how product and pricing can further strategic goals and vision for Group Customer organization.
- Winning attitude; strong commitment to success; effective communicator amongst varied audiences and challenging circumstances.

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