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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 36679
Job Openings by Title Senior Data Scientist
Location Quebec, Canada
Position:	Senior Data Scientist

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Quebec

Job ID:		36679


- Develop innovative solutions for trend recognition using machine learning and advanced statistics.
- Transform complex databases into relevant conclusions and recommendations.
- Keep pace with new approaches and trends and use them in your own solutions.
- Help maintain our data mining tools and platforms.
- Make actionable recommendations based on the findings.
- Work with other departments to promote the adoption of analytical principles within the organization.
- Validate the quality of the analytical approach and project outputs of the other team members.


- Master’s degree in a relevant discipline.
- 5 years of experience in the field of advanced statistics, data mining and text mining.
- A multi-platform production experience with the following commercial and open-source data mining frameworks:
- Open-source frameworks: R, Python, GitHub.
- Expert-level understanding of the underlying theory of machine learning.
- Expert-level understanding in either computer image analysis, natural language processing or artificial intelligence.
- Great team working skills.
- Ability to focus on vaguely defined issues requiring the application of a creative approach.
- Strong communication, time management and work organization skills.

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