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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 36245
Job Openings by Title Senior Analyst/Manager
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Senior Analyst/Manager

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		36245


- Take a leading role in model validation projects in the group. 
- Develop work plans that prioritize business needs of all partners, establish project deliverables and timelines. 
- Negotiate project prioritization and timelines with business clients. 
- Exercise judgment in identifying issues, modifying plans as demands change, assessing courses of action, and developing recommendations. 
- Provide quantitative support to business areas and senior management. 
- Keep informed of current practices and research in financial and statistical modelling and risk management by reading academic literature, attending academic and practitioner workshops and conferences. 
- Ensure that business areas understand that the model submission process involves preparing adequate model documentation to enable an appropriate model review as part of their obligation under the Model Risk Policy. 
- Assess potential model risks as they relate to embedded assumptions and target applications. 
- Develop benchmark models to validate core analytics of submitted models.
- Work with model owners to understand the business problem being solved, and the modelling objectives. 
- Use judgement and recommend changes to business unit models as appropriate.
- Communicate effectively in the form of Model Validation reports, memos and presentations to risk management and businesses regarding the validity and potential risks associated with models/methodologies under review. 
- Identify model limitations/risks, assess associated risk controls and processes. 
- Stipulate permitted model usage with associated rationale. 
- Ensure that proper and adequate model documentation and model risk mitigation processes are in place in order to appropriately assess and mitigate model risk. 
- Participate in ad-hoc projects.


- An extensive experience in financial and statistical modelling and application development with quantitative educational background.
- 3+ years’ experience in Financial Mathematics and/or Statistical modelling and strong knowledge of stochastic modelling techniques as well as other numerical techniques.
- An expert understanding of statistics, econometrics, stochastic calculus, and measure theoretic probability.
- Strong background in quantitative modeling of one or more of interest rate scenarios, economic capital and earnings-at-risk and potential future exposure. 
- Exposure to modeling of equity and fixed income derivatives is considered an asset.
- Programming experience in VBA, C++, SQL, Python, and MATLAB.
- Management and Personal Effectiveness.
- Excellent analytic and problem-solving skills.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills.
- Strong organizational and team building skills.
- Ability to build strong working relationships with various business divisions, and other departments.

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