Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 36120
Job Openings by Title Director
Location Manitoba, Canada
Position:	Director

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Manitoba

Job ID:		36120


- Innovation & Product Development, Management of Pricing Models and Processes, Legislative and Regulatory Changes, Experience studies
- Responsible for the technical design of new Critical Illness products & changes.
- Participate in and initiate ideation discussions.
- Engaged in the implementation of new products or processes and monitoring experience after launch.
- Responsible for updates and enhancements to pricing models and processes.
- Identify enhancements to improve accuracy and efficiency.
- Explore and recommend new modeling techniques.
- Provide analysis and identify challenges and opportunities with any new legislative or regulatory changes.
- Participate in discussions on practical implications of any changes.
- Responsible for implementing any changes into pricing models.
- Maintenance and updates to Product Development and Pricing guidelines, focusing on Product Development.
- Adherence to Corporate and Product Development and Pricing guidelines with respect to EUC, models, assumption development and profitability reporting.
- Development and maintenance of critical illness experience studies.
- Active monitoring of emerging experience to identify opportunities to mitigate key risks and minimize exposure to business mix risk.
- Leadership of Team and Development of Staff.


- 2-5 years of related experience.
- FSA & FCIA with 4+ years of experience.
- Ability to translate complex thinking into understandable solutions.
- Deep actuarial knowledge to manage a team of actuaries.
- Understands the business environment and customer needs, identifies business opportunities that create competitive advantage.
- Intuitive sense and passion for determining what customers need and how to tailor products to those needs.
- Able to foster collaborative relationships across Individual Customer to facilitate cooperation.
- Creates an environment that encourages new approaches, challenges the status quo and inspires creativity and risk-taking while protecting the core.
- Ability to drive innovation across critical illness products to substantially grow the business.
- Drives results and contributes to change processes that improve organizational performance and creates a culture of accountability.
- Has a bias to action and relentless pursuit of continuous improvement and willingness to challenge the status quo to introduce innovative products.
- Attracts, motivates and develops talent to build the right team to meet strategic direction and tomorrow’s needs.

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