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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 35831
Job Openings by Title Director
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Director

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		35831


- Manage a team of actuaries, statisticians, actuarial analysts, business analysts and database programmers for the personal auto insurance industry in Ontario regions, Atlantic and West.
- Provide the scientific advice and knowledge necessary for team members to provide technical guidance. Play this same role with other sectors within the organization in actuarial risk modeling and customer segmentation.
- Develop and implement annual planning for the team that aligns with the organization's strategic plan and the activities of internal sector clients.
- In collaboration with Business Intelligence teams, build and use large, structured and unstructured databases for risk segmentation and pricing.
- Maximize the use of external data to improve pricing segmentation or improve process efficiency.
- In collaboration with actuarial research teams, develop and maintain advanced algorithms for loss-related costs and behaviors using advanced techniques for given problems.
- Innovate by using predictive modeling and analytics to drive organizational advancement in pricing and pricing.
- Optimize processes and governance for model development.
- Stay on the cutting edge of analytics and predictive modeling by attending seminars or webinars, reading relevant scientific articles, organizing and facilitating meetings on technical topics, following innovative practices and by establishing partnerships.
- Provide technical leadership in analytics and predictive modeling within the organization by performing peer reviews for other groups within Actuarial Services and by conducting best practice training sessions for employees' intent using the various modeling and data management tools available within the organization.
- Participate in the organization's Model Risk Management exercise, ensuring that the organization has good oversight of its assessment and risk appetite for the models.
- Coordinate peer review activities across the various actuarial teams within the organization to foster closer team collaboration, expand the skills of our team members and mitigate the risk of errors.
- Participate in strategic business planning with respect to the design and evolution of customer and product segmentation strategies in collaboration with other areas of the organization.
- Participate in strategic business planning with respect to the design and evolution of market / product / distribution network strategies in collaboration with other business lines of the organization.
- Present projects and recommendations on risk segmentation to various committees within the organization.
- Prepare and present a semi-annual report of the peer review activities to company's Management Committee and internal partners.
- Act as a representative of the actuarial sector by participating in various committees within the organization, whether as a permanent member of the committee or by invitation on an ad hoc basis.
- Acting as the organization's representative on various industry committees requiring actuarial technical expertise, particularly if it is related to the actuarial profession.
- Organizing and facilitating meetings with suppliers or advisors on products and services being evaluated for possible use by a client from internal areas.


- Bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics or related field.
- Minimum of nine years of relevant experience, including five or more years in personnel management.
- Prior experience with data analysis conditions.
- Please note that other combinations of relevant training and experience may be considered.
- Fellow of an actuarial society or with a master's degree in statistics, artificial intelligence or a related field.

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