Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 35800
Job Openings by Title Manager
Location Manitoba, Canada
Position:	Manager

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Manitoba

Job ID:		35800


- Review and report on product design risk and level of profitability for all currently issued products.
- Analyze the overall profitability of the individual insurance and investment products by line of business. 
- Keep informed of current industry product information and trends in product changes. 
- Work with multiple areas of the company to design products that align with the Company’s strategies for the short and long term.
- Develop and maintain pricing models to determine premiums and projected financial results. 
- Set pricing assumptions to reflect future expected experience taking into account all relevant industry and company experiences. 
- Ensure policy illustration systems appropriately illustrate products and comply with CLHIA guidelines. 
- Annually review and recommend changes to adjustable policies, ensuring compliance with established criteria and fairness to policyholders. 
- Annually evaluate the management of the participating account, the dividend policy and recommend changes to the dividend scale, ensuring compliance with the policy and fairness to participating policyholders.
- Work with reinsurers during product pricing exercises and in evaluating the individual reinsurance program, recommending changes as required.
- Maintain sound knowledge of the current valuation standards and current capital and regulatory requirements.
- Manage performance of direct reports inclusive of providing professional and technical guidance and provide regular performance reviews.
- Perform other duties as assigned, handling special projects as assigned by the Director.


- Undergraduate university degree in Actuarial Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematics or other related field of study.
- Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, complying with continuing education requirements.
- 5 years of actuarial work experience with 3 years related to individual life insurance pricing.
- Detailed knowledge of policyholder taxation and general knowledge of corporate taxation.
- Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to understand context and its impact on all issues.
- Ability to work independently and identify potential impacts of decisions while coaching others in effective decision making.
- Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, with the ability to deliver powerful presentations.
- Ability to lead and complete large complex projects with multiple contributing parties.
- Strong leadership skills.

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