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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 35462
Job Openings by Title Associate Data Scientist
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Associate Data Scientist

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		35462


- Develop data scripts, pipelines, and proprietary software recipes to convert raw data into modelling and deployment formats.
- Train and test analytical models on the data, using open source and cloud based proprietary software.
- Assist in communication of the model characteristics and diagnostics to business users.
- Develop deployment scripts that automate delivery of model scores and results in batch and real time.
- Maintain the deployed models by running and delivering reports, and debug supporting programs and tools.
- Engage as team activities and presentations that continually improve the knowledge and capabilities of the team.
- Other duties.


- Post-secondary school education in Computer Science.
- 0-2 years of experience in a programming role.
- Qualification in a predictive analytics discipline is an asset, such as the iCAS CSPA.
- Academic or work experience with Python, R, git, and cloud platforms.
- Familiarity with API’s, GitLab or GitHub.
- Familiarity with any of the following tools in a cloud platform is an asset: StreamSets, HUE, Trifacta, RStudio Server, GitLab, RConnect, Shiny, Jupyter Notebooks, Data Robot, and Arcadia Data.
- Knowledge of statistical techniques and machine learning.
- Experience with SAS or SQL is an asset.
- Strong programming skills.
- Critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.
- Quick learner, self-motivated, team player with high energy and ability to work independently.
- Operate in a collaborative manner.
- Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional and technical development.
- Project management skills.
- Be fun, fair and friendly.

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