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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 35335
Job Openings by Title Data Scientist
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Data Scientist

Company:	Bank or Investment Advisor

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		35335

- Conduct guided and self-directed research, typically using non-traditional resources to solve business problems. 
- Conduct detailed analysis of data sets, incorporating machine learning and statistical methods and models.
- Provide advanced analytics using various advanced analytical techniques including statistical modeling, predictive modeling and machine-learning.
- Participate in gathering and analysis of relevant information related to business processes, functions and operations to evaluate data credibility. 
- Utilize creative thinking to modify or select the most suitable procedure/approach that results in providing the company operations with optimum solutions to business and technology issues/challenges. 
- Perform in-depth analysis of research information for the purpose of identifying opportunities, developing proposals and recommendations for use by management. 
- Make recommendations and create presentations on new ways to use data to help solve business problems.
- Participate in an analytics community whose goal is to foster and share analytic approaches across the enterprise. 
- Liaise with internal and external sources, colleagues, and others to obtain, provide, verify and discuss information and best practices.


- You can demonstrate experience in working with large datasets including both structured and unstructured data and related tools.
- Must have experience coding in high level programming languages such as SAS, Python or R. 
- Must have experience coding with data modelling packages such as Enterprise Miner, Pandas, Scikit-Learn.
- You have current accreditation and good standing in M.S. or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Economics or related quantitative field.
- You seek out innovative solutions and embrace evolving technologies. 
- You can easily adapt to new tools and trends.
- You engage with purpose to find the right solutions. You go the extra mile, because it's the right thing to do.
- You know that collaboration can transform a good idea into a great one. You understand the power of an inclusive team that enjoys working together to bring a shared vision to life.
- You bring your real self to work and you live our values - trust, teamwork and accountability.

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