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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 35235
Job Openings by Title Chief Financial Officer
Location British Columbia, Canada
Position:	Chief Financial Officer

Company:	Insurance

Location:	British Columbia

Job ID:		35235


- Your goal will be to balance the development of a viable long-term business strategy with the need for immediate and continued fiscal stability. 
- You will lead the Finance team and will be involved with the entire range of services and issues including actuarial, strategic and operational analytics, risk management, audit, tax, and corporate finance. 
- You will also lead the strategic sourcing function. 
- You will be asked to play an instrumental role in the development and on-the-ground application of our approved strategic plan. 
- Your objective will be to translate financial data into concrete corporate action.


- Strong financial acumen, big-picture strategic vision, and front-line people skills. 
- You’re comfortable in the C-suite.
- Your previous experience has given you the ability to see the strategy that lies beyond numbers, and contribute to more than just the bottom line. 
- You’re smart and strategic. But you’re also detail-oriented, and genuinely enjoy dealing with numbers.
- You’re a CPA, and maybe even an MBA and/or CFA. 
- You pride yourself on your in-depth financial knowledge, and you have a knack for being able to analyze and synthesize highly complex data, and then articulate it to various audiences. 
- You actively seek opportunities to stretch your abilities, you enjoy being challenged, you embrace change, and you enjoy communicating your ideas to your team and to others. 

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