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Job ID: 34673
Job Openings by Title Senior Data Scientist
Location Japan
Position:	Senior Data Scientist

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Japan

Job ID:		34673


- Planning for business contribution leveraging data.
- Data analysis for improving KPI of marketing, operations, claims.
- Create an environment for big data including real time architecture and external data and maintain this environment.
- Build and develop an environment of data visualization to accelerate decision making.
- Application development.
- Collaboration with data teams of other entities worldwide.
- Analyze structural/non-structural data with data science technique.
- Create Mathematical models.
- Research new valuable technology and develop source code in POC mode before implementing the models.
- To support Data Science Dep. Manager to derive the value from data stored in Data Lake, DWH, or any other data sources provided by IT or external providers


- Web application development.
- Cloud Service Creation and Usage.
- Univariate and multivariate statistics using R or other statistical computing software.
- Data mining related skills.
- Skills related to machine learning, artificial intelligence.
- Business sense for profit improvement.
- Experience in insurance industry.
- Japanese and English ability required.
- Good communication skills.

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