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Job ID: 34575
Job Openings by Title Actuarial Analyst
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:	Actuarial Analyst

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Ontario

Job ID:		34575


- Support Savings & Retirement’s IFRS 17 implementation.
- Participate in the development of quarterly reporting requirements and ensure alignment with Corporate Finance and Investment Division.
- Adapting existing Pricing and Valuation models to meet IFRS 17 requirements for Savings & Retirement products including Guaranteed Deposit Accounts, Payout Annuities, and Segregated Funds.
- Become proficient with market-consistent valuation methodology.
- Participate in changes to financial reporting processes and internal controls as well as changes to actuarial aspects of Management Information Systems and Reporting.
- Participate in the development of financial projection methodologies for business plan and DCAT, Business Impact Analysis and Corporate Policy transitions.
- Provide technical support for administration system changes and new system implementation.
- Provide technical support and development on other aspects of the IFRS 17 implementation such as evaluating the impact on product pricing, capital management, and risk management.

- Near or at ASA or ACIA designation, with commitment to achieve the FCIA designation.
- Ability to work with people from different departments.
- Strong focus on collaboration with excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
- Ability to meet deadlines.
- Working knowledge of the Windows environment, including databases.
- Experience using GGY AXIS actuarial software.
- Knowledge of IFRS 17 would be an asset.
- Knowledge of insurance products would be an asset.
- Knowledge of accounting principles would be an asset.

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