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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 34112
Job Openings by Title Senior Consultant
Location Australia
Position:	Senior Consultant 

Company:	Consulting

Location:	Australia

Job ID:		34112


- You will seek to understand your clients’ challenges, design and build analytical models, or perform data analysis to assist them in understanding the impact of various financial or operational changes to their organizations.
- You will simplify complex ideas and present them to clients in an easy to understand and impactful way.


- 3+ years’ experience working in a data or analytics-focused role.
- Degree in a quantitative discipline such as mathematics/statistics, actuarial sciences, computer science, engineering, or life sciences.
- Demonstrated foundation in, and application of, statistical concepts, hypothesis testing, optimization and machine learning.
- Demonstrated ability to quickly pick up new tools and techniques, including programming languages.
- Demonstrated ability to think abstractly, solve problems and deal with ambiguity.
- Experience working with and manipulating messy and complex data sets to find insights.
- Possess a self-starter attitude, good time-management and communication skills.
- Experience working with senior stakeholders and communicating complex ideas.
- Use of relational databases and manipulating large, complex datasets.
- Familiarity and hands-on experience with SQL.
- Building complex spreadsheets for financial or operational modelling.
- Designing impactful data visualizations to communicate complex ideas in Tableau, Power BI or similar.
- Use of statistical modelling packages such as R and Python, including use of predictive or machine-learning algorithms.

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