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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 33856
Job Openings by Title Actuary
Location Germany
Position:	Actuary

Company:	Insurance

Location:	Germany

Job ID:		33856


- Involvement in the development and implementation of the company Reinsurance Strategy for the global Property & Casualty business with the objectives:
- Optimization of the purchasing of re-insurance cover.
- Optimization of capital efficiency/generation of diversification effects.
- Use of synergies within the entire company.
- Supporting selected subsidiaries in the structuring and placement of their re-insurance needs.
- Intensifying cooperation with the decision makers responsible for re-insurance at home and abroad.
- Ensuring transparency, compliance with regulatory, fiscal and other statutory requirements.
- Administration and documentation, possibly support in claims collection.


- Degree in mathematics or comparable training in the insurance industry with extensive professional experience.
- Professional experience, either as underwriter in active re-insurance or as placement expert in passive re-insurance, acquired knowledge of all aspects of the reinsurance business, ideally with specialist area P&C.
- Good knowledge of risk and capital management.
- Preferable: Experience in reinsurance pricing.
- Indispensable: Outstanding numerical reasoning.
- Good knowledge of the general framework parameters of insurance and supervisory-law.
- Very good knowledge of English.
- Marked intercultural and social skills.
- Good presentation skills.
- Open, respectful, precise and recipient-oriented communication.
- Good negotiating skills.
- Analytical, reflective and solution-oriented way of thinking.
- Structured approach to tasks.
- Creativity and willingness to innovate.
- Strength in implementation and execution.
- Experience of project management.
- Basic understanding of economic ratios and the ability to read and interpret KPIs.
- Ability to switch to the perspective of the discussion partner.
- Ability to develop innovative and unconventional solution concepts.
- Efficient Interface Management.
- Ability to work in a team and team spirit.
- Willingness to assume accountability and to act in an entrepreneurial manner.
- Ability to provide and accept feedback.
- Ability to resolve conflicts.
- Willingness to develop further.
- Basic knowledge of the IT environment as well as of new media.
- Ability and willingness to act in a division and department-spanning manner.
- Willingness to undertake short and medium-term project assignments abroad as well as to undertake extensive international travel.
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