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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 33796
Job Openings by Title Senior Manager
Location Massachusetts, United States
Position:		Senior Manager

Company:		Insurance Organization

Location:		Massachusetts	

Job ID:			33796

-	Recruits, trains, develops and supervises analyst and/or management-level staff, through direct or matrix reporting
-	Identifies and addresses development needs of Actuarial Analysts and Associate Actuaries through coaching and oversight
-	Assists Director in translating corporate and department goals into specific initiatives 
-	Leads some cross-function processes. Integrates work across business functions within/outside department
-	Assists Director in developing appropriate staffing or team organization to support objectives. Sets standards and goals for individual and team performance.
-	Evaluates current technical processes developed by their team and/or others and makes suggestions for improvements and/or increased efficiency
-	Defines key objectives of technical processes developed by others and assures deliverables meet stated objectives 
-	Designs and builds technical processes to address business issues 
-	Provides input into and/or help structure program code for more junior staff
-	Oversees the technical work of others
-	Assists Director in defining quality standards and acceptable tolerance levels for error
-	Develops criteria to validate results in light of prior expectations. Investigates unusual results and offers explanations.
-	Assists colleagues and more junior staff with validation/checking activities
-	Ensures the accuracy of deliverables through oversight of the work of others
-	Conducts peer review. Challenges results and assumptions to assure quality and accuracy.
-	Examines and interprets results in the context of the specific business questions being addressed
-	Identifies new questions and/or unforeseen data complexities arising from results and takes steps to address them
-	Integrates information from multiple sources to interpret results in larger business context
-	Vets results with organizational stakeholders to gain alternative views and reach agreement on interpretation
-	Identifies implications of results for departmental or corporate action (e.g., new programs, new methodology, key business decisions)
-	Communication/Presentation of Results
-	Assists Director in leading decision-making processes using analytic results 
-	Packages results to demonstrate link between analysis and broad business context
-	Ensures that deliverables meet stakeholder needs and are packages and presented to facilitate understanding and action
-	Packages and presents results to draw conclusions and influences decision-making by senior management

-	Master's in related field or equivalent education/training
-	8+ years of responsible healthcare actuarial experience including at least 3 years of product line revenue-based activities.
-	ASA or FSA designation
-	Able to develop and lead junior managers/highly skilled individual contributors. Assist Director in managing change and motivating teams to be high performing.
-	Experience managing teams and individuals in a direct report and/or matrix environment 
-	Able to mentor and develop staff using situational leadership techniques
-	Proficiency in the use of personal computers
-	Sufficient understanding of relational databases, statistical packages, spreadsheet and/or database applications to oversee work of others
-	Communication/Presentation skills: 
-	Assists Director in influencing development of future corporate and departmental goals related to area of expertise
-	Highly developed verbal and written skills
-	Ability to facilitate planning and review sessions with senior management
-	Well developed presentation skills; presents to senior management 
-	Able to effectively manage difficult group dynamics to effectively reach a positive outcome.
-	Able to present to highest level of company management
-	Able to operate in a matrix environment
-	Able to implement Actuarial department standards and processes
-	Able to identify issues and roadblocks and participate in their resolution
-	Able to influence and resolve conflict within own staff and/or project team 
-	Well-developed skills to influence interdepartmental teams, steering committees and senior management 
-	Able to navigate political issues using advanced organizational knowledge
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