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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 33423
Job Openings by Title Casualty Underwriting Officer
Location Switzerland
Position:		 	Casualty Underwriting Officer

Company:			Insurance

Location:				Switzerland

Job ID:			33423


-Ensures consistent risk appetite through guideline ownership across the assigned LoB which drives portfolio management and improves underwriting performance.
-Describes, encourages and enforces a rigorous underwriting process, risk selection and procedure monitoring system.
-Provides underwriting insight for underwriting tool development. Drives need and requirements for underwriter tools and analytics.
-Develops, promotes and maintains strategic partnerships both internally and externally.
-Establishes and monitors Underwriting Key Performance Indicators.
-Addresses emerging issues and identifies opportunities for growth or change within their LoB.
-Establishes exposure identification, risk assessment, risk response, control activities and monitoring of the LoB for which position is accountable. Identify data elements needed for profitable growth.
-Monitors framework for underwriting decisions e.g. authority grants, referrals, technical underwriting reviews.
-Manages volatility through reinsurance placement and aggregation management.
-Performs deep dives and profitability reviews.
-Authorizes delegation to expert underwriters.
-Oversees design and implementation of rating and pricing tools and methodologies, supported by actuarial team.
-Supports the LoB underwriting strategy for product development in close collaboration with Proposition Development. Contributes to wider strategy through partnership with respective Global Line of Business management, where applicable.
-Drives standardization and simplification of product, process and tools across the LoB wherever feasible.
-Identifies LoB Technical training and develops relational LoB training framework.
-Risk appetite.
-Supports in the promotion of underwriting expertise in the external insurance market to maintain the organization’s position and influence.

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