Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 33392
Job Openings by Title Senior Actuary
Location Ohio, United States
Position:		Senior Actuary, Annuity Product Development

Company:		Insurance Organization

Location:		Ohio	

Job ID:			33392

-	Involved in product efforts from inception through launch and perform activities necessary to recommend the optimal balance between profitability, risk & capital management, competitiveness, and compensation
-	Understand the competitive environment in the annuity market
-	Collaborate with business partners to understand consumer needs
-	Recommend and price product designs and new products that meet business objectives
-	Develop models and tools to understand key risks, analyze financial outcomes, and recommend appropriate pricing structures for variable annuity products
-	Analyze and recommend appropriate changes to assumptions for new and existing products
-	Analyze product risks and recommend thresholds, limits or alternatives to mitigate exposure
-	Support filing requirements for new products and other regulatory needs for existing products
-	Leads in Illustrating/reproposals for products and testing illustration software.
-	Builds, maintains, runs, and analyzes actuarial Models, using expert knowledge of actuarial projection and/or valuation models such that the models can be optimized to support multiple applications.
-	Performs financial reporting & analysis. 
-	Performs pricing of products.
-	Performs the analysis of risks for lines of business.
-	Establishes and understands reserves using in-depth knowledge and application of statutory, GAAP, and tax valuation standards for products.

-	FSA is preferred but qualified ASAs with the appropriate expertise will also be considered
-	7+ years of experience
-	Product design and pricing experience
-	Solving complex actuarial/market problems
-	Experience with product development projects
-	A strong understanding of real-world pricing and hedging
-	Experience with statutory valuation
-	Ability to take ownership of projects and drive them to completion autonomously
-	Education and influence of others
-	Oral and written communications
-	Ability to contribute to team success
-	Analysis and problem-solving skills
-	Skilled in managing multiple projects/tasks simultaneously
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