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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 33314
Job Openings by Title Senior Risk Analyst
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:		 	Senior Risk Analyst

Company:			Insurance

Location:				Ontario

Job ID:			33314


-Provide general counsel, advice, and guidance on business and financial matters as required.
-Maintain an accurate and complete trail of supporting documentation for all activities.
-Ensure that all month-end financial duties and resulting financial reporting is completed in a timely and accurate manner.
-Assist with preparation for any internal or external audits or independent reviews being conducted.
-Analyze data and report on changing risk profile of the business.
-Improve internal financial models.
-Enhance and update models based on time-interval data to construct distributions of future credit risks.
-Identify evaluate and implement new/ alternative data sources that can be used to enhance underwriting, collections or recovery processes.
-Use statistical methods to analyze and predict credit risk to improve product pricing and underwriting of loan portfolio.
-Build models to detect fraudulent activity.
-Determine effectiveness of these programs by conducting pilots and developing measurements of success and implement monitoring.
-Solutions must be practical and achievable within the constraints of the regulatory, systems and process environment.
-Help automate monthly financial reporting processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.


-Degree in math, computer science, statistics, actuarial science or related field.
-Three years of experience in the financial industry.
-Ability to analyze and present numerical data in tables, spreadsheets, and forms.
-Creative and curious.
-Ability to read, understand, and calculate financial figures such as discounts, interest rates, proportions, percentages, and taxes.
-Experience manipulating large volumes of unstructured data, and recognizing data quality.
-Experience in statistical analysis techniques such as regression analysis, cluster techniques, including a good understanding of inappropriate interpretation of statistical results.
-Familiar with open source statistical tools such as R and Python, and able to select best tool for the purpose.
-Good at data visualization techniques to present complex information in clear manner to nontechnical audience.
-Meticulous with numbers.
-Ability to prioritize and manage conflicting demands.
-High level of integrity and excellent work ethic.
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