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Job ID: 33095
Job Openings by Title VP - Finance / Chief Financial Officer
Location Bermuda
Position:		 	VP - Finance / Chief Financial Officer

Company:			Reinsurance

Location:			Bermuda

Job ID:			33095


-Responsible for BDA GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS reporting under Management basis and Regulatory basis inclusive of understanding all applicable accounting policies.
-Responsible for the 5 year plan under BDA GAAP, IFRS and USA GAAP Basis.
-Responsible for SOX and ORM implementation for finance for Bermuda.
-Responsible for Capital Management inclusive of Solvency II equivalency reporting for Bermuda.
-Responsible for working on M&A impacts to Bermuda and to financial statements.
-Responsible for expense management for Bermuda.
-Responsible for Treasury and payroll for Bermuda.
-Responsible for reviewing and signing off on all reinsurance or M&A deals related to BDA to ensure proper accounting, capital requirements and cash flow treasury forecasts.
-Responsible for working with annuity actuarial and risk management concepts (reserves, adequacy testing and pricing concepts).
-Ensures all functions and programs under charge are performed within established budgetary. parameters, to include performing cost control activities, monitoring revenues and expenditures, and ensuring sound fiscal control.
-Prepares critical fiscal documentation regarding accounting activities (e.g., weekly, monthly and annual reports, draft and revised codes and ordinances).
-Ensures adherence to generally accepted accounting standards and principles; ensures maintenance of proper audit trails and verification and reconciliation actions for all processed work.
-Responsible for generating various complex system reports or audits calculations and ensures accuracy (e.g. billing, payroll processing, and accounts payable).
-Plans, manages, coordinates, and implements the year end closing processes and procedures for the assigned accounting records; conducts year-end closing process; provides information to financial auditors; conducts standard internal audits of various accounting records.
-Prepares a variety of studies, reports and related information for decision-making purposes.
-Provides technical accounting support and interpretation to management and employees.
-Attends and represents department at various executive meetings for the dissemination of information; prepares management meetings for dissemination of information.
-Coordinates activities with other departments and work groups as needed.
-Serves as one of the three senior managers in the Bermuda office, providing leadership and guidance and a “source of strength” to the broader office staff.


-Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, plus an internationally recognized professional accounting / actuarial qualification supplemented by a minimum of 10 to 15+ years progressively responsible experience in a senior applicable insurance positions.
-Current knowledge of Life Reinsurance businesses, regulatory and legislative developments and financial reporting functions to ensure application to areas of responsibility.
-Current knowledge of participating life insurance products and European retirement products.
-Ability to recruit, train, develop and motivate members of his team.
-Substantial experience with Sarbanes Oxley.
-Proven experience with life business products including experience in investment accounting.
-Experience working intensely with actuarial valuation departments preferred.
-Experience working with purchase USA and IFRS GAAP and with previous M&A transactions inclusive of financial integration into the close process.
-Ability to effectively supervise a staff engaged in carrying out departmental functions.
-Extensive knowledge of generally accepted standard accounting principles (BDA and Germany STAT, USA GAAP, IFRS), established procedures and regulatory requirements applicable to the work.  Knowledge of Germany STAT.
-Ability to access, operate and maintain various software applications.
-Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with other employees.
-Ability to travel frequently and on short notice.
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