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Job ID: 33092
Job Openings by Title Catastrophe Modeler
Location Minnesota, United States
Position:		 	Catastrophe Modeler

Company:			Reinsurance

Location:			Minnesota

Job ID:			33092


-Provide basic supervision to Catastrophe Analysts in the gathering and preparation of property exposure data for assigned client projects.
-Assess the data quality and make necessary assumptions for modeling; analyze changes in exposure and the associated impact of cat model results.
-Model the probability distributions of the gross/ceded/net results using AIR, EQE, RMS and other vendor cat models in conjunction with the Analytics proprietary software.
-Perform basic analysis how the distribution of results and relevant risk measures change as a result of application of various proposed reinsurance alternative; report on analysis to brokers and clients.
-Demonstrate basic understanding the product lines and the global and regional industry conditions to identify significant considerations that insurers should address in designing their programs.
-Supervise entry level staff and provide coaching and training on technical aspects of the job.
-Manage expenses, time, services, etc. in order to maximize the profits.
-Respond to client queries and concerns, resolving issues promptly.
-Respond to client requests for information, coordinating with other departments, as necessary.
-Establish and maintain strong relationships with clients, colleagues and Marsh.
-Document all external correspondence and telephone conversations in accordance with the procedures, including where appropriate, the Professional Standards guidelines minimizing the potential for errors and omissions.
-Update management on issues, progress, etc., regularly and upon request.
-Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


-Bachelor's Degree plus 2 to 5 years relevant experience in cat modeling.
-Technical expertise in AIR, RMS, and/or EQE vendor cat models, reinsurance terms and conditions, and data management including statistical plans and policy or exposure data warehousing; with risk management and property underwriting expertise preferred.
-Thorough knowledge of insurance/reinsurance concepts and terms for developing and placing reinsurance programs.
-Strong interpersonal skills for establishing and maintaining good client, reinsurer and internal relationships.
-Strong verbal and writing skills for complex communications (presentations, negotiations, etc.) with clients, and the colleagues at many levels.
-Strong ability to prioritize workload according to volume, urgency, etc.
-Strong ability to find creative solutions to new problems, as they arise.
-Strong ability to be organized and pay attention to detail.
-Strong computer skills for using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Lotus Notes.
-Strong ability to maintain compliance with professional standards, where applicable, as well as company-wide quality initiatives.
-Strong ability to address client needs by accessing and organizing resources.
-Strong ability to manage clients and help them address issues proactively.
-Strong ability to understand clients' business industry.
-Strong ability to work as part of a team to support clients' needs.
-Strong ability to handle significant workflow through efficient time management.
-Strong ability to challenge appropriately - supports case with facts and information.
-Strong ability to seek ways to streamline and improve current processes.
-Strong ability to assist in and play a role in client presentations.
-Strong ability to demonstrate commitment to clients and helps them address issues proactively.
-Strong ability to demonstrate skills at identifying and solving potential problems in their specialty and -develops solutions.
-Strong ability to assist to achieve new/expanded business.
-Strong knowledge of world reinsurance markets to comprehend wide range of products necessary to address insurer’s needs.
-Strong ability to contribute to talent recruitment and development.
-Ability to travel (including internationally), entertain, and attend meetings, up to 30% of the time.
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