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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 33026
Job Openings by Title Junior Actuary / Data Analyst
Location Liechtenstein
Position:		 	Junior Actuary / Data Analyst

Company:			Insurance

Location:			Liechtenstein

Job ID:			33026


-Defining the range and life cycle of data within financial services processes, mainly insurance for private clients: Marketing, product parametrization, underwriting, portfolio analysis, inforce management, cross selling, etc. Implementing no-SQL information and any other innovative inputs.
-Structuring the ways to efficiently and effectively explore and reach concrete competitive advantages.
-Leading the operational strategy on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, incl. bots.
-Managing of sources and external partners in terms of data management and interface management.
-Contributing to the mid and long-term vision of data ownership between all instances.
-Using mathematical modelling techniques and statistical concepts to assess risks.
-Analyzing statistical data in order to calculate insurance rates.
-Developing new financial products.
-Preparing presentations, reports and valuations explaining their implications to the management.


-Profound mathematical expertise, preferably membership in an actuarial association.
-High end academic education with a strong focus on IT.
-Profound background in digital techniques in general.
-Specialist on data related topics.
-Experienced in e-commerce and/or any consumer orientated information investigation.
-Outstanding analytic skills.
-Pragmatism and consequent target focus, paired with flexibility and engagement.
-Fluency in English.
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