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Job ID: 33025
Job Openings by Title Senior Catastrophe Modeler
Location Ontario, Canada
Position:		 	Senior Catastrophe Modeler

Company:			Reinsurance

Location:			Ontario

Job ID:			33025


-Manages complex, large, or highly-customized quantitative analysis projects by delegating to project team members in order to calculate risk exposure and potential loss that may occur due to natural and man-made catastrophes, and to make risk reducing/ profitability recommendations to clients.
-Reviews complex analyses completed by project team members involving catastrophe risk models and evaluates the resulting data sets in order to calculate the client’s risk exposure.
-Works to develop business by identifying potential areas of business growth in existing projects, responding to requests for information or proposal, and by attending prospective client meetings with brokers.
-Manages client relationships, resolves complex or sensitive questions and challenges, and guides staff members in client interactions.
-Reviews and presents project summaries and reports prepared by project staff members in order to summarize potential risks and loss results and to make recommendations to the client about how they can improve their portfolio.
-Researches and develops industry publications and scientific papers of specific or regional perils in order to provide additional sources of information used for analyses and client reports and develop intellectual capital/thought leadership for the business.
-Demonstrates leadership in mentoring and developing junior project team members in order to achieve business objectives.
-Industry-recognized expert in certain region-based or peril-based areas of catastrophe risk management services and is able to support the development of junior staff as well as the development of business and intellectual capital in such areas in order to achieve business objectives.
-Reviewer Initials.


-University (Degree).
-10+ years.
-Recognized master in professional discipline.
-Implements strategic goals.
-Develops and implements new products, processes, standards or operational plans that will have impact on the achievement of functional results.
-Significantly improves on existing processes and practices.
-Requires communication with executive leadership.
-Experience with catastrophe modeling is highly desired, including hands on experience with AIR and RMS catastrophe models, in addition to an understanding of catastrophe modeling for a variety of hazards and lines of business
-Programming experience is a plus, including one or more of SQL, R, Python, VBA, or others.
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