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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 32815
Job Openings by Title Consultant
Location Ohio, United States
Position:		 	Consultant

Company:			Insurance Organization

Location:			Ohio

Job ID:			32807


-70%) - Independent model validation and governance - support the process to inventory enterprise models, and ensure policy compliance with Enterprise Model Risk Management Policy and Procedures documents, including conducting independent model validations for critical models.  Support the process to ensure model risk management and oversight are in compliance with internal and external best practices (including Federal Reserve Bank requirements [FRB SR 11-7]).
- (10%) - MRM Framework Tools - support the development of the existing enterprise model inventory, and MRM’s risk and control assessments that are administered through the company’s GRC tool, OpenPages.
-(10%) - Third-Party Interactions - support interactions with the company’s rating agencies, regulators, consultations with business units and Internal Audit, and the Model Risk Management Committee (MRMC).
- (10%) - MRM reporting capabilities - support the process of the model risk scorecard and the company’s converged issue management process.
-Lead or support in the planning, design, development, implementation, and administration of assigned enterprise risk management processes and related initiatives.  Work on specific processes and initiatives will be determined by the needs of the department and the skill set.  For this reason, may be assigned work in any or all of the following areas:
-Assists in the development, implementation, and administration of the enterprise risk governance processes, including defining levels of authority, roles, and responsibilities, risk policies, coordinating enterprise risk management efforts with internal partners, and maintaining and driving risk oversight structure (committees, councils, etc.).
-Researches and analyzes enterprise risk management issues and recommends solutions to management
-Provides consultation services to management on complex risk management policies, practices, and procedures.
-Leads the development, implementation, and maintenance of risk information and reporting, including defining standard enterprise risk metrics/measures for all significant risks, develop reporting and analysis standards and requirements, and developing risk correlation and aggregation processes and analysis to provide an enterprise portfolio view of risk.
-Reviews and analyzes financial data reports and devises financial, risk, and capital models for the enterprise.
-May support the development, implementation, and maintenance of risk models for all significant enterprise risks.
-Leads the development, implementation, and maintenance of the department’s applications.
-Leads the development, implementation, and maintenance of the department’s training and communication initiatives, including preparing and delivering enterprise risk management training, intranet site content development, newsletters, conferences, etc.
-Designs and executes risk assessments on enterprise-level risks. 
-Revises and maintains risk classification framework. 
-Performs other related duties as assigned.


-Undergraduate studies in Finance, Accounting, statistics or related discipline preferred. Graduate level studies with advanced highly desirable.
-CFA a plus.
-Typically eight or more years related work experience in Insurance and/or Financial Services industry.
Knowledge: Proven knowledge in risk management and the insurance industry.  Advanced analytical skills to resolve the most complex risk management problems. 
-Ability to manage all activities associated with the development and implementation of enterprise risk management processes
- Advanced communication skills for verbal and written contact with Finance and Business Unit leadership; presentation skills. Project management concepts and techniques. 
-Ability to analyze financial and statistical data and make recommendations for enterprise risk management initiatives.   
-Ability to operate a personal computer with various financial and business software applications.
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