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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 32615
Job Openings by Title Senior Consultant
Location Quebec, Canada
Position:   	Senior Consultant
Company:	Consulting Company
Location:   	Quebec
Job ID:      	32615


- Work closely with the Principal or the Partner as a consultant and a leader in the Pension Plan practice
- Act as senior team leader and supervise work of other team members
- Provide comments to the supervisor regarding the performance of team members
- Help other team members to improve their client relation skills
- Lead in-house training sessions to encourage familiarity with the industry and its trends
- Design communication material intended for employees, namely pension plan booklets and year-end statements
- Review data reconciliation, benefit calculations and reconciliation of plan assets prepared by Actuarial Analysts, Associate Consultants and Consultants
- Draft preliminary reports by preparing a breakdown of pension plan particulars for existing and potential clients
- Review actuarial valuations for plan funding purposes
- Review the accounting evaluations of pension plans and post-employment benefits
- Review actuarial valuations including profit/loss analyses, reconciliation of plan assets and reconciliation of members
- Review monthly bills and ensure they are sent to clients
- Oversee quality control and ensure that service standards are respected for each operation
- Establish and maintain excellent client relations through meetings, office visits and social events
- Expand the firm’s business scope with current clients and contribute to obtaining new mandates from potential clients
- Manage many client projects
- Attend external training sessions as well as conferences and seminars in the industry
- Implement creative solutions intended to improve the efficiency of the group
- Establish project budgets and schedules
- Attend meetings in the industry for exchanges with current and potential clients
- Recognize clients’ problems and suggest proactive and creative solutions
- Keep abreast of changes and amendments in pension legislation, both on the provincial and federal levels
- Keep up to date on current events and best practices; share this information with the clients and team members
- Manage special projects when required
- Act as resource person for all members of the Pension Plan practice.


- A minimum of five years experience in pension plans
- University degree in actuarial science or mathematics
- Professional titles of FSA and FCIA or being in the process of obtaining them
- Strong aptitude for mathematics and analysis
- Proven track record as a pension consultant
- Extensive knowledge of all provincial tax and pension legislation, especially the Taxation Act
- Ability to emphasize the client and great professionalism
- Strong aptitude for communication, project management, presentations and negotiation
- A recognized leader and ability to inspire and motivate team members
- Ability to act as mentor and adviser by showing patience and intuition
- Excellent organizational skills, initiative, flexibility and ability to work without supervision
- Proficiency in software programs, especially MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
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