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Actuarial Jobs, Actuarial Positions, and Actuarial Employment
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Job ID: 32363
Job Openings by Title Retirement Associate
Location Texas, United States
Position:		 	Retirement Associate

Company:			Consulting Company

Location:			Texas

Job ID:			32363


-Solid administration and staff-level client relationships; developing some relationships with higher level client contacts
-Able to answer some client questions without reliance on lead actuary
-Completes some work through others (i.e. delegation)
-Beginning to play a role in client meetings
-Prepare contribution requirements and accounting costs, with some oversight
-Update valuation runs for any changes and program provisions from scratch
-Interpret valuation results and provide initial recommendations to lead actuary
-Perform more complicated or review simpler pension benefit calculations
-Coach/train entry level students
-Demonstrate flexibility to work additional hours on occasion when client needs dictate
-Draft original materials (e.g. letters, reports, discussion guides) with some guidance


-Pass actuarial exams (minimal requirement of one course per year)
-Basic knowledge of FAS 88 Accounting for Settlements and Curtailments
-Academic background or aptitude in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Economics or Statistics with
-2+ years of actuarial work experience and
-Completion of a few exams
-Technical Competencies/Skills:
-Valuation programming on ProVal system
-Basic knowledge of funding methods
-Use of valuation software, tailoring, and programming
-Minimum and/or maximum funding calculations
-Reconciliation of liability gains and losses
-Maximum deductible contribution
-Schedule B and coordination with 5500
-PBGC Schedule A
-Asset/liability projections
-FAS 106 Accounting for Post-retirement Medical and Life Insurance Benefits
-Program new provisions in ProVal and develop cost impact of changes
-Ability to read and interpret plan documents in order to calculate benefits
-Calculation of benefits and factors with very little guidance
-Demographic reporting tools on ProVal/Excel systems
-Applicability and calculation of ERISA 4011
-Non-discrimination testing
-FAS 87 Accounting and FAS 132 Disclosure
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